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DDD Brisbane

DDD Brisbane is a non profit community event run by developers, for developers & will be held on Sat 3rd December 2016

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DDD Brisbane is a non profit community event run by developers for developers. Anyone can submit a session to the event and delegates then vote on the sessions they want to see.

DDD Brisbane is currently in planning for 2016. If you'd like to sponsor DDD Brisbane, please email If you'd like to be involved, please contact the organisers at

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Sat December 3rd, 2016

  • One Day
  • Fully Catered
  • Industry-leading Presenters
  • Only $49!

Important dates

  • Sep 12 - Submission opens
  • Sep 19 - Earlybird registration opens ($39)
  • Oct 7 - Submission closes
  • Oct 10 - Voting opens
  • Oct 19 - Voting closes
  • Oct 24 - Agenda published
  • Oct 24 - Normal registration opens ($49)
  • Dec 2 - Registration closes



Advanced Engineering Building

University of Queensland, St Lucia





This year at DDD Brisbane we will be running a workshop track for those wanting more interactive sessions.

Workshops will be operated on first come first served basis and will require attendees to bring their own equipment and any mentioned pre-reqs. Please note, we will have guest internet available.

Real World Microservice Design

Damian Maclennan & Andrew Harcourt @damianm | @uglybugger

Interested in Microservices and message based architectures? Got a monolithic legacy app you need to break up but not sure where to start? This is the workshop for you! Andrew Harcourt and Damian Maclennan have years of experience helping companies succeed with better architecture and are offering some free consulting. In this interactive workshop we're going to take your real world business problems and talk and whiteboard some solutions. So turn up ready to share your domain, constraints, and legacy with a group and we'll work through how to solve it with a microservices and messaging approach. We'll cover different patterns for messaging, tools, diverse data stores, scaling, as well as tactical and strategic approaches to safely moving away from a legacy system. The workshop will be very discussion and whiteboard focussed, delving deeper into theory and / or code as needed.

Required: No installation requirements - Bring your real world business problems ready to discuss.

Damian Maclennan is an Engineering Manager at Tatts Group leading the technical side of an enterprise wide agile transformation. Previous to that he worked for Octopus Deploy as well as many years consulting on software architecture, agile, and diving in when the going got ugly. He brings many years of battle scars. If there's a horrible mistake to be made he's either made it, witnessed it, or helped fix it. Damian rolls these experiences up and loves to share them in talks to get a laugh…. and to help others avoid them.
Andrew Harcourt is a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He is a solutions architect and software engineer with extensive experience in large-scale, high-load, geographically-distributed systems. He specialises in project rescue, governance and development methodologies. Andrew's main areas of interest are domain-driven design, event sourcing, massively-scalable service architectures and cloud computing. Andrew's mother wrote COBOL on punch cards and he has been coding in one form or another since he was five years old.

An Introduction to .NET Core on Linux & Docker

Tod Thomson & Jakob Højgaard @todthomson | @hgaard

"Microsoft ♥ Linux" is not generally something one expects to hear, but we should not be surprised as "nearly 1 in 3 Azure virtual machines are Linux". The Microsoft of old is gone (dead and buried) and "from the ashes" a new Microsoft has emerged, one embracing both FOSS and Linux as first-class citizens. Enter .NET Core a "ground up" rewrite of Microsoft .NET which is 100% open source and cross-platform. In this workshop we will show you how to get up and running with .NET Core and ASP.NET Core on your Linux distribution of choice or on a pre-baked virtual machine we will provide. We will introduce you to the dotnet CLI, self-hosting web applications and APIs with the Kestrel HTTP Server (based on libuv) and then running everything inside OS level virtualisation via Docker. We will also introduce to you Visual Studio Code a new open-source, cross-platform IDE built on top of Electron. By the end of the tutorial you’ll have the tools you need to build your next application with the .NET Core ecosystem.

Required: We will give you everything you need to complete this workshop no matter your experience level, but bring your laptop.

Tod Thomson is a Senior Consultant at Readify who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and learning from all who will take the time to teach him. By day he works with Readify's clients to deliver outstanding software with velocity and uncommon sense. By night he tinkers with Linux, .NET & ASP.NET Core, Docker, JavaScript, Node.js and any functional programming languages he can get his head around. Tod has been a GNU/Linux hobbyist-enthusiast since January 2000 when "a guy" forced him to repartition his brand new AMD Athlon (Slot A 650Mhz) and install RedHat 6.1 "Cartman" on it. He quickly moved on to Debian 2.1 "Slink" (thanks to that friend, APT and the crew at HUMBUG) and the wondrous world of GNU/Linux began to open up to him. In 2004 he “jumped ship” and went to Ubuntu and there he has remained ever since.
Jakob Højgaard is a Danish software developer working for Readify in Brisbane. He has worked with .net since 2005 but started his career in a more exotic language now all forgotten called Centura. Now a days he tries his best to annoy everyone around him with new programming languages, frameworks and paradigms. He is very much a generalist of his trade and has worked with desktop, web, security and cross-platform mobile development and everything in-between. Sort of a software developer equivalent to a swiss-army knife.


When and where? The event will be held on Sat December the 3rd 2016 at the AEB at the University of Queensland St Lucia campus. Doors will open at 8:15am and we'll finish at 6:30pm (ish). We're in planning for a pretty awesome after party this year. Stay tuned!

How much is the event?
$49 (or $39 if you get in early!).
DDD Brisbane is a non profit event and any excess will be kept as part of a fund for future events. We usually try to spend it all on swag for the attendees though.

Will refreshments be provided?
Yes, delegates will receive lunch and snacks throughout the day. There will be coffee.

What about swag?
Yes, delegates will receive bags full of goodies like any good conference.

Will wireless access be available?
Yes, but we can't guarantee performance. There's guest wifi access at UQ.

When does registration open?
Registration opens on October the 24th.

What is the hashtag for DDD Brisbane?
The twitter hashtag is #dddbne.

I want to be involved. Can I help?
Shoot us an email at and we'll let you know.

How can I contact the organizers?
We can be contacted via email at:

I would like to sponsor DDD Brisbane
Great! DDD Brisbane will be heavily publicised in related websites and we believe offers a fantastic marketing opportunity. It's also a great chance to give back and support the local development community. We have various levels of sponsorship available and opportunities for logo placement on the website, agenda, delegate slides, speaker shirts and we are happy to include advertisements in delegate packs. For more information please email

I would like to do this kind of thing more often
Brisbane has a very active developer community. Consider attending one of the meetups such as Brisbane .Net User Group, BrisJS, Brisbane Functional Programming Group, Agile Brisbane, Barcamp Queensland, QLD ALM Users Group, or Brisbane Azure User Group.

Who is coordinating this event?
DDD Brisbane is coordinated by Damian Brady, Bronwen Zande, David Cook, Adam Stephensen, and Chris Gilbert.


DDD Brisbane 2016 will be held in the Advanced Engineering Building at the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus.

Note that in previous years the event has been held at QUT Gardens Point campus. We recommend you don't go there this time!


The University of Queensland campus has plenty of parking available. You can also catch buses or a CityCat.


There are no train stations close to UQ. If you're catching a train, we recommend stopping in the CBD and catching a bus to the campus.


There are two bus stops at UQ and frequent buses. See TransLink for more details.


Paid car parking is available at the UQ campus. The cheapest option is the 14hr purple zones for $5. Check out a PDF map, or check out fee details.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have questions, please email and we will send you a sponsorship prospectus.